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PDF Board is available on both iOS and Android, any device size. Unlimited boards just $9.99 (one time for a limited time).

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A free (LITE) edition of PDF Board is also available. The free edition is limited to 3 boards of 3 PDFs each.

iOS - LITE Edition (FREE)
Android - LITE Edition (Coming Soon)
Known Keep Snow Globe

From the folks at
Known Keep.

You can't get a simpler form of report distribution


Up to 9 PDFs per board

Easily swipe/switch between up to 9 PDFs per board

Minimal interface

The interface is kept to a minimum so nothing gets your way; it's all about the PDF you're viewing

Create boards manually or via QR codes

Our QR code generator makes it super easy to share board with others (even if you're just sharing boards internally)

Great add-on for Crystal Reports or Report Runner Batch

Can be used with ANY Crystal Reports scheduler, but only our Report Runner Batch product can upload to our private AWS S3 platform

Unlimited boards

Create and view an unlimited number of boards

PDFs can be stored on your servers or ours

PDFs can be stored on your servers, or PDFs can be stored on our private, fast, globally distributed AWS S3/Cloudfront platform

Multiple datasources supported for board URLs

Your server, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Amazon S3

Do You Use Crystal Reports Or Other Reporting Software?

Do you also use automation and scheduling software?

You can use ANY reporting automation software to schedule your reports to export to PDF format and upload to your web/FTP server. A few examples of report automation schedulers are Known Keep's own Report Runner Batch, Christian Steven's CRD, and Millet Software's Visual Cut.

It's simple to create PDF boards to use within the PDF Board app. Just follow these simple steps...
1. Export your reports to PDF.

2. Name your PDF files 1.pdf, 2.pdf, 3.pdf, all the way to 9.pdf.

3. Schedule the upload of your PDF files to a location on your web/ftp server. Note the URL for that location.

4. In PDF Board, either add a board and enter the settings manually or use the option at the top of this website to create a QR code; the QR code can then be shared with anyone automatically (auto-magically?) add the board.

Note, if you use Dropbox, Amazon S3, or the likes, you can also use these URLs. If you have different URLs for different files, create an Advanced QR code. If you use the simple 1.pdf-9.pdf technique (recommended), you can create a simple QR code to share these as well.